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Ninja 3

-General specification boat-

​Third mould with improved close-hold performance


*Prices may change without notice.

【This specification includes the following items】

Bare hull

Jib tack

Jib leader (pin stop type)

Jib cam pedestal (stainless)

Jib block, Cam cleat

Cunningham (crew deck lead)

Boom Bang (crew deck lead)


Main sheet system

Whisker pole launcher system

Abeam hook

Daggerboard retention system (flip flap type)


Stay halyard included


Whisker pole

Dagger board

Rudder blade

Tiller pipe

Tiller extension (aluminum)

Hiking strap

​Mast step

Hatch (*1)

Head stay fitting

Shroud chain plate

Stay adjuster


Set of sheets

【Optional fittings and items】

Deck/hull/cockpit floor color change

Traveler, Barber Hauler, and other optinal fittings are available (Additional fees)

Trolley (factory zero)

Top cover

Bottom cover

Dagger board cover

Rudder blade cover

Mast cover

Sail (North Sail Japan, UK Sail Japan)

Luff wire

Digital compass

​Stickers (university name, logo, line, etc. single color only)

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