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G Model (G-1)

-General specification boat-

Model aiming to perform better in the strong wind condition.

Special resin and fiber constructions selected for this model achieves minimum weight and maximum strength.


*Prices may change without notice.

【This specification includes the following items】

Bare hull

Mast (super spars)

Stays/ Halyards/ Trapeze systems

Boom (super spars)

Spinnaker pole (factory zero)


Rudder blade

Rudder stock

Tiller extension (aluminum)

Hiking strap

Spinnaker bucket

​Mast step

Hatch (*5)

Drain cock (*3)

Stay adjuster


​Gunwale non-slip rubber tape


Set of sheets

【Optional fittings and items】

Deck/hull/cockpit floor color change

Specialized fitting (This options are available for additional fees)

Trolley (factory zero)

Top cover

Bottom cover

Centerboard cover

Rudder blade cover

Mast cover

Sails (North Sails Japan, UK Sails Japan)

Luff wire

Digital compass

​Stickers (university name, logo, lines, etc. single color only)

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